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The fascination of a moment is just able to be experienced in the happening situation and aura itselfs. Word! but not really true. The possibilites of freezing the action in a single picture - we call it photography - is a wonderful and powerful human invention. It‘s right, with the modern technic we have these days we are able to manipulate the result. But the story the picture ist telling you should be always the same. You should never change the content. There are a plenty of possibilities to bring your own interpretation in to the process. For example with finding the right angle, to be at the right spot at the right time, the accurate use of technic, the arrangement of different lights, the composition of the maybe existing movements in the story and and to - I‘ll use the word again - freeze the movement in the absolutely right moment - that all is the stunning and addicting act of producing stunning pictures.

It‘s never an easy thing to arrange all these points to recieve an absolutely perfect achievement. You need experience in following the process to be flowing with your own creativity, to organize, to find spots and to also act outside in the nature in dangerous situations and at difficult scenes.

Right now I‘m a student in media engineering / mulitmedia production.


photography, filming, texting, design.

creating, planing, producing.

online, digital, print...